Tom Haverkamp using an air gauge inspecting a receiver.
Receivers are available in your choice of 416 stainless or chrome moly 4140 steel in right, left, and dual port.
Each receiver is inspected for bore diameter and straightness using a Sheffield Precision Air Gauge.  This instrument is accurate to 50 millionths of an inch.
To maintain straightness, we machine all the openings in the receiver in hardened steel after heat treating.  This is difficult, as the hardness is Rockwell 41-42 C.  But, this is done to maintain the optimal tolerances accurate actions require.
Optional dovetail style scope rail.

The dual port model is designed for competetion shooters who desire the advantage of placing shots downrange quickly. It is a left load, right eject micro port.

The micro port opening measures .550 inch in height and 2.040 in length. The receiver has the same footprint as the single port. It is available is either 6PPC or .308 boltface.

It has the push (lever style) bolt release.

Receiver is polished finish. Choice of 416 stainless steel or chrom moly with blued finish.

Bolts are made from 4140 chrome moly steel, heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of C43. The diameter is precision ground to fit the reciever closely. Clearance is .001 to .002. All our bolts have deep machined helical fluting and are polished. Bolt faces: standard are .308, 6PPC. and .223 (and cartridges based on one of these) Choice of square bolt face or cone bolt face. Sako style extractor and ejector is standard. Firing pin tip is choice of 0.062 diameter or 0.075 diameter